[Credit goes to poetic_folly at modmymoto.com]

is the method we use to access the file system of the Motorola ROKR E6, and the other Motorola JUIX phones (such as Z8, E2, etc). This tutorial will teach you how to telnet into your phone, and to use Samba (allows your Motorola phone to communicate with the same networking protocol as Windows) to browse the phone with Windows Explorer.

NOTE: If you have USB Net mode already in your Setup>USB Mode area, you can skip the next few steps and just put the phone in this mode, connect to the computer, and install the driver as indicated in the step a bit down the page here that says "When the Found New Hardware wizard pops up, click No, not this time..." and continue from there.

Make sure your phone is not plugged into your computer yet. First, set your phone to Modem mode (Setup>USB Mode>Modem). Then, in your apps, click on USBNet. If you don't have it installed, you can find it here, and here is a guide on installing apps into your E6.

Now, go into the sbin folder on your SD Card (File Manager>Memory Card>sbin) and hold down the stylus on the tnlg file until you get the menu that pops up, and select Open With, and open with the USBNet.

Now connect the phone to the computer. Then access the SD card again, open the sbin folder, and open up the tnlg file once more using the same method. The computer should then detect the Motorola USB Modem.

When the Found New Hardware wizard pops up, click No, not this time and then Next >.

Choose Install software automatically (Recommended) and then hit Next >.

Windows will let you know the driver has not passed Windows Logo testing... etc, etc. Just click Continue Anyway, its fine.

Windows will continue and complete the installation.

Good. Now, go to your Start Menu, and select the Run program,

Type cmd to bring up the Command Window.

Type ipconfig and hit Enter.

You will see a screen which will tell you your phone's IP address as it is connected. Generally it will be the last item, but just check to see which item is NOT hardware on your computer. Your phone's IP Address will usually be, but it may be something else.

Good, now, increase the last digit by 1 and we will find out which IP we need to telnet to. In the Command window, type telnet (or whichever IP address you obtained earlier).

You should see a new Command window pop up, asking you for a login. Type root and hit Enter.

The Command window should then say No directory /root! Logging in with home = "/". #

Good. As long as you have that # symbol, then we're ok. If you are familiar with Linux commands, you can navigate your phone from here. However, most people will be more comfortable/familiar with a GUI interface for accessing your phone's system files, so, through the wonderful technology of Samba, we'll do that.

Open up My Computer (or any explorer window). In the address bar, type \\\system (replacing that IP address with the IP you got earlier), and hit Enter.

You should now see the contents of your phones system files!

Congrats! You have successfully telnet'ed into your Motorola ROKR E6!

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